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Full-Service Car Wash Near Kewaskum

Kewaskum Car WashKewaskum car wash and car detailing: motorcycles and luxury cars

Elevate your vehicle's care routine with our luxury vehicle spa near Kewaskum. We offer superior hand and automatic car washes, express exterior detailing packages and full-service detailing tailored for motorcycles, luxury and exotic automobiles. Equipped with cutting-edge tools, gentle cleaning formulas and skilled professionals, we deliver unparalleled car care services across our conveniently situated facilities.

  • Monday: 7:30AM - 6PM
  • Tuesday: 7:30AM - 6PM
  • Wednesday: 7:30AM - 6PM
  • Thursday: 7:30AM - 6PM
  • Friday: 7:30AM - 6PM
  • Saturday: 7:30AM - 6PM
  • Sunday: 7:30AM - 6PM
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Available Hand & Automatic Car Washes

Enjoy the benefits of our hand and automatic vehicle wash services. We begin with a thorough hand pre-wash, ensuring every nook and cranny receives diligent attention. Then, your vehicle glides through our state-of-the-art automated wash tunnel outfitted with advanced machinery and mild yet highly effective cleaning agents.

Bid adieu to harsh chemicals and high-pressure tactics. Our closed-cell foam, pH-balanced car wash solutions and soft-touch wash system gently yet thoroughly cleanse your automobile, preserving its glossy finish.


Available Car Wash Packages for Greenfield Drivers

Express Exterior Wash

Our express exterior wash packages are the best solution when you need a quick clean. Keep your vehicles looking their best without spending the time. Choose from three options: Clean & Dry, Underflush & Polish or Ceramic & Rim Cleaner.

Each package is designed to efficiently clean and protect your car's exterior, leaving it with a showroom-worthy shine.

Full-Service Wash

Select a full-service wash package for a more comprehensive cleaning experience. Choose from three levels of car detailing: Outside only, Quick inside clean or Express detail. 

Regardless of your selection, you can expect a meticulously cleaned vehicle. It’ll look and feel like new!



Need a More Detailed Cleaning? See Available Detailing Services for Kewaskum Drivers

Our express detailing services deliver remarkable results. If you need a fast exterior wash or comprehensive interior and exterior detailing, our skilled technicians restore your vehicle's pristine condition. We make maintaining your car's showroom-ready appearance effortless with conveniently located facilities and customizable packages tailored to every budget.

Local Motorcycle Detailers

We believe your motorcycle deserves the same pampering as your car. Our seasoned detailers specialize in the art of motorcycle detailing, tending to every inch of your two-wheeled pride and joy. We perform a thorough deep vacuum, clean all surfaces, conduct wheel cleaning, detail the engine compartment and apply durable hand-waxing. Your motorcycle will exude showroom freshness.

Detailing for Luxury, Exotic & High-End Cars

We understand the significance of preserving the immaculate condition of luxury, exotic and high-end vehicles. Our experienced luxury detailers treat your prized possession with care and respect, using gentle techniques and premium products. From a delicate hand pre-wash to interior and exterior detailing, your dream car will look its absolute best, turning heads wherever you go.


I had my car detailed inside and out and they did a beautiful job. I think some of the negative reviews on detailing must be about expectations. An express detail does not mean you receive a full detail. If you pay for a full detail, you get a full detail. The staff was also extremely courteous. No complaints here.

- Paul

Every time I bring my Audi here I have no issues whatsoever. They are very thorough and even wipe down every spoke of my wheels. The Works Wash is a great value and the Rain-X total vehicle shield protects the entire car, not just the windshield. It makes the water (and dirt) slide right off of my car. My favorite air freshener is the Arctic Ice and I recommend it. The free 5 day rewash is an added bonus.

- Raja

I don't have anything negative to say since this place has always delivered and this is the best car wash in the area.

- Gleb

Took my girlfriend's car here to have they interior and exterior clean before she sold her car, they did an awesome job. Made her car look like new. Very pleasant employees. Highly recommended.

- Myles

Managers are on top of it, so are the other workers. Great pre wash to get the bugs, and a nice dry at the end. Buy a wash package for a good deal, it's just a couple bucks more per wash than the touch-less drive thru that just gets your car wet :)

- David

My KIA Sportage is 9 years old, after an interior detailing it looks brand new! FSCW always does an awesome job!

- Patricia

Staff was very friendly and helpful. The wash itself was exactly what I expected and they were a lot quicker than I expected as well which made for an added bonus! I was in a hurry and they were able to get me in and out without sacrificing quality or missing any spots on both the initial cleaning, and the fee 5-day rewash!

- Eugene

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