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Full Service Car Wash: Frequently Asked Questions

General Customer Service

There was an issue with my service, what should I do?

Stop back in the car wash with the vehicle you washed and with your paid receipt as soon as it is convenient for you and ask to speak with a manager. We have a clean car guarantee policy and will do whatever practical to ensure your service is up to your standards as well as ours after your service.

I think I forgot something at your car wash, how can I check if it’s there?

Stop in and ask to speak with the manager, we can help you get it back! If that’s not an option, reach out to us via our contact page.

I called 262-CAR-WASH and was put in contact with a call center, how do I speak to the manager on site?

Our site managers are very busy helping our customers on site as well as working with their staff to produce quality service for our customers. The car wash is a loud, wet, and fast paced environment; so typically, managers are not available to take phone calls. To speak with a manager, visit one of our facilities and ask for the manager on duty. If that’s not an option, reach out to us via our contact page.

How do I sign up for your text message discount program?

It’s easy! Just text the message “FSCW” to the number 71441 on your cell phone. Make sure you respond to the first message we send to you with a “yes”. If you don’t get a response, check with your mobile service carrier.

How do I unsubscribe from your text message program?

It’s just as easy as signing up! On the phone we send our texts to, text the message “stop” to the number 71441.

Car Wash Process

Do I need an appointment for a car wash?

Express Car Washes, the Level 1, and the Level 2 Full Service do not require an appointment. Our Level 3 Full Service (which takes about 1.5 hours) is completed first come, first served unless you make an appointment ahead of time! 

Are you a touchless car wash? My dealership told me I can only use touchless washes.

FSCW is a soft touch car wash. Touchless car washes use harsh chemicals to “burn” the dirt off your car, then high pressure to blast it away; neither are safe for your vehicle’s finish! They also don’t do a good job removing all the surface contaminants. FSCW only uses closed cell foam on our state-of-the-art equipment combined with the latest technology in safe car washing chemicals to safely remove soils from your vehicle without any worries of damaging or scratching your vehicles finish. Check out this article we wrote on our Tunnel Talk Blog, “Soft Touch vs. Touchless Car Washing.” FSCW has been a family owned and operated business in Milwaukee for over 30 years, and we have been voted Milwaukee’s best car wash since 2002 by Milwaukee Magazine. Your dealership is great at selling cars, we are the experts in keeping them clean. 😉

What are your car wash brushes made from and are they safe for my car?

The brushes are made from a closed cell foam called Envirosoft. This foam does not hold on to dirt or water and is constantly flushed with a lubricating soap and water solution that safely helps the brush clean your car safely. This method is preferred by modern car wash operators to older touchless systems that use harsh chemicals to "burn" the dirt off of a vehicle or high pressure to blast it away. Take a look at your car's owners manual... you'll find it says not to use harsh chemicals or high pressure to clean your car!

Do you offer hand washing? I only hand wash my vehicle because it’s the safest.

While FSCW does offer hand washing services, we recommend against it (provided your vehicle can fit through the car wash safely.) This is because hand washing your car with a mitt or sponge traps the dirt you are cleaning in and underneath it while you rub the surface of your car, causing very fine scratches in your paint. Take a look at our blog post about it. 

My dealership applied a premium surface protectant that I paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars for and told me I do not need to ever wax my car.

While the coating you had put on your car was a good, its little more than a decent wax that lasts little more than 6 months. The extra money you paid for was the warrantee that you got with the product incase your clear coat were to become defect. All vehicles benefit from the wax applied to your car in the car wash or in our detail shop. There is no chance of damage, voiding your vehicle’s warrantee, or negatively altering your vehicle’s finish. The wax protects your finish, keeps your car cleaner for longer, and visibly enhances its shine.

I have a vinyl wrap on my car. Will it be safe to wash at your car wash?

FSCW cannot “guarantee” any aftermarket parts added to your car, including vinyl wraps. However, any professionally installed wrap should be just fine. We do not use high pressure over the whole car, nor do we use harsh chemicals, something that will hurt a wrap.

How often should I wash my car?

Whenever it’s dirty, or at a minimum once a month for a regularly driven vehicle. This way you are keeping all surface contaminants from sitting on your vehicle for a length of time and applying a coat of wax on your car. There is no such thing as washing your car too often. For more information on this, check out our Tunnel Talk blog post “How Often Should I Wash My Car?”

You close in the winter time, right? It’s not safe to wash your car in the winter time when it’s below freezing.

Winter is our busiest season! Modern vehicles do not have freezing issues like they did 50 years ago. Since FSCW uses a low-pressure washing process, and we towel dry your car in our heated facilities. This means your car leaves the car wash clean and dry before it freezes!

Isn’t car washing bad for the environment?

Absolutely not! Quite the opposite actually! Professional car washes use far less water, environmentally safe chemicals, and sanitary sewer drainage to safely clean your car (unlike washing your car at home.) Check out our Tunnel Talk Blog Post about “Car Washing and The Environment.”

I have a ceramic coating on my car. Can I wash it at your car wash safely?

Absolutely. Ceramic coatings are tough (that’s why you got it right?) and a car wash will not hurt it or remove it.

Can a dually fit through your car wash?

Unfortunately, duallys do not fit; but we can hand wash your dually for you!

Club Memberships

I bought a club membership; how do I cancel or change it?

To cancel or make a change to a club membership, please see the Update Membership page on this site.

Can I buy a club membership without automatic billing?

FSCW is a cashless business, meaning that we only accept debit cards and credit cards. If you wish to purchase a club membership WITHOUT automatic monthly renewal on your card, you can do so by purchasing a six month membership up front. These memberships offer the same perks as a month-to-month membership, but without the automatic renewal. 

I purchased a monthly membership and want to know if my monthly dues have been taken out of my account. How can I see if my membership is still active?

Stop in any FSCW location and ask to speak with a manager to see if your membership is still active. You can also check your credit card statement to confirm your dues have been deducted. We charge your account on the anniversary date of your subscription (the day of the month that you signed up.) You can also ask us a question about your membership on our website!

Do you keep my credit card on file with my club membership, and can you see my credit card information?

While FSCW does keep your credit card on file in our system, it is highly encrypted, and cannot be seen by us. We keep it on file, so we can bill your club membership and you can use it for paying for services and upgrades to your wash. FSCW is 100% PCI compliant with your credit card information.

I had my car detailed inside and out and they did a beautiful job. I think some of the negative reviews on detailing must be about expectations. An express detail does not mean you receive a full detail. If you pay for a full detail, you get a full detail. The staff was also extremely courteous. No complaints here.

- Paul

Every time I bring my Audi here I have no issues whatsoever. They are very thorough and even wipe down every spoke of my wheels. The Works Wash is a great value and the Rain-X total vehicle shield protects the entire car, not just the windshield. It makes the water (and dirt) slide right off of my car. My favorite air freshener is the Arctic Ice and I recommend it. The free 5 day rewash is an added bonus.

- Raja

I don't have anything negative to say since this place has always delivered and this is the best car wash in the area.

- Gleb

Took my girlfriend's car here to have they interior and exterior clean before she sold her car, they did an awesome job. Made her car look like new. Very pleasant employees. Highly recommended.

- Myles

Managers are on top of it, so are the other workers. Great pre wash to get the bugs, and a nice dry at the end. Buy a wash package for a good deal, it's just a couple bucks more per wash than the touch-less drive thru that just gets your car wet :)

- David

My KIA Sportage is 9 years old, after an interior detailing it looks brand new! FSCW always does an awesome job!

- Patricia

Staff was very friendly and helpful. The wash itself was exactly what I expected and they were a lot quicker than I expected as well which made for an added bonus! I was in a hurry and they were able to get me in and out without sacrificing quality or missing any spots on both the initial cleaning, and the fee 5-day rewash!

- Eugene

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