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FSCW Company Policies



We aim to please! If for any reason you are not satisfied with your service, please let us know before you leave! Otherwise, return to any FSCW location within 48 hours of your visit with a copy of your receipt. We will check our work with you and redo your service if needed.



FSCW offers a free five-day rewash with our Best Exterior car wash. To redeem your rewash, bring in your Best Wash Promo ticket that you received with the purchase of your Best Exterior wash. (Note: This promo ticket is different than your receipt.) A rewash is the same value and service as our Basic Exterior Wash. Extensions will not be made to the five-day limit for any reason, including weather, equipment maintenance, scheduled or unscheduled closings, or site improvements.




FSCW encourages all of our exterior only wash customers to stay in their vehicle and ride through the car wash during their service. We do this to ensure that we can offer all of our customers the fastest, most efficient service possible at the best price. Our trained staff make this fast, safe, and easy. Should you choose to not stay in your vehicle during the car washing process, we understand, and can valet your vehicle for you. We do, however, charge a valet fee of $2.99+tax to help cover the costs of the inefficiencies and extra labor associated with valeting your vehicle.


For those customers who have purchased our Interior Touch Up service, Express Detailing Service, and/or a Full Detailing Service, we will valet your vehicle through the car wash for you. This is because we need to access the interior of your vehicle in order to clean it, and/or move it to our detail shop.



While tips are greatly appreciated by our hard-working staff, tipping is not expected and is completely voluntary. Please tip only if you are 100% satisfied with your service. Should you wish to tip our car wash production crew, place your cash tip in the tip box at either end of the car wash production line or ask to place your tip on a credit or debit card. Your tip is split evenly among the car wash production staff at the end of the day based on their hours worked. If you received a detailing service and want to leave a tip, we encourage you to tip your detailer directly. FSCW does not keep any of the tip money, as 100% of all tips go directly to our staff.



FSCW is a cashless business. This means that we only accept debit and credit cards as forms of payment for our services. (We will also accept checks for payment on Fleet Accounts sent to our P.O. box.) Along with being a more honest way to do business, it allows us to be much faster, safer, and spend more of our time with our customers. It takes hours of our staffs (and mainly managers) day to handle all the aspects of cash management. Our company does thousands of transactions every day, and the math doesn't make sense to accept cash. 

Think about it like this: In the past, our site managers would easily spend 2 hours a day out of their 10-hour shift on just cash management. This means making bank runs, doing change orders, and reconciling cash took up 20% of their day when instead that time could have and should been spending that time with our customers and employees.

Cashless businesses are a trend you are seeing sweeping the nation and our community. Local companies big and small are going cashless: Fiserv Forum (the Bucks arena), Goddess and the Baker, and Fresh Fin Poke are all local, good companies who run cashless businesses too! Think of all the online retailers like Amazon, Netflix, and eBay are cashless. Those are great companies, and FSCW should not be an exception! As a matter of fact, we were just voted "Greater Milwaukee's Best Car Wash, 2019" by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; all while being cashless.




Club Members get half off all Extra Add On Services, Express Detailing, and Full Detailing on their club car(s)! You must be an active Wash Club Member to receive these discounts. Discounts valid only on Wash Club Member vehicle(s). This Offer may expire at any time in the future without notice. Boats, motorcycles, and other non-club vehicle cleaning services do not apply.


Unlimited Clubs are valid only on a per vehicle basis with an Unlimited Club bar code sticker attached to the lower driver's side window of your vehicle's windshield.


Family Clubs are valid on any vehicle when you present your Family Club Card. Only one Family Club card will be issued per Club, allowing a maximum of 10 washes per month for any and all vehicles on the Club. 


As a credit card club member, YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED EACH MONTH until your Club is cancelled or terminated. No prior notification of this charge will be provided unless the amount of the charge changes by more than 25%. Should your credit card information change, please inform FSCW as soon as possible. Failing to do so may limit your ability to redeem your Club. If you purchased 6 months of your club membership up front without auto billing, your purchase is not refundable.


Cancellations must be received at least 5 business days prior to your next billing date, otherwise you will be charged an additional month. To cancel, please visit the location of membership purchase and speak with a manager. You may also cancel by Emailing our accounts manager at with your name, six-digit barcode number, and reason for cancellation. If cancelling in person at a location, a signed receipt of cancellation will be given to you. If you cancel via Email, you will receive an Email response confirming your cancellation.


Clubs may be redeemed at any FSCW location during normal business hours. FSCW reserves the right to close stores due to weather, holidays, equipment maintenance, and/or store upgrades. Should your vehicle information change, or your Club bar code sticker or Family Club Pass get lost or damaged, please inform FSCW as soon as possible. Failing to do so may limit your ability to redeem your Wash Club. Dealer plates and/or professional transport vehicles may be prohibited on a case by case basis. Wash Clubs cannot be combined with any other discounts, specials, or promotions. Clubs are based on license plate numbers, RFID tags, and/or barcode stickers. If your license plate number or vehicle changes, please inform FSCW. Switching license plates from one vehicle to another or tampering with your plate, RFID tag, and/or barcode sticker is strictly forbidden. Doing so will void your Club without refund. FSCW reserves the right to cancel or modify this program or your Club at any time for any reason.


Your credit card will be charged every month on the anniversary date of your club purchase until you cancel.



Get 12 washes for the price of 10 with a pre-paid Wash Book. Wash Books are valid on any vehicle at any FSCW location during normal business hours (FSCW may be closed due to holidays, poor weather, equipment maintenance, or site improvements.) Wash Books do not expire, and are redeemed via the barcode on your Wash Book receipt. (Multiple redeem slips are available.) You can also keep track of your Wash Book balance on your receipt.



FSCW takes damage claims very seriously. The first thing we want our customers to know about damage allegations is that we are an honest and reputable family owned and operated company. If we are responsible for any damage caused to your vehicle, we will pay to have it fixed. Period. We are a licensed, insured, and bonded business, and greatly care about our reputation with our customers and our community.

There are some instances, however, that alleged damages are not the fault of FSCW. In the case of a damage allegation, please always take into consideration the following, as we will:

  1. Was there previous damage to the vehicle?
  2. Is the vehicle 10 years old or older?
  3. Was the vehicle normally operated by our staff?
  4. Did the car wash equipment normally operate on your vehicle?
  5. Would the manufacture of the vehicle warranty the damaged part(s)?
  6. Was the damaged part(s) of the car aftermarket or factory installed?
  7. Did the vehicle malfunction during the car washing/detailing service?
  8. Can you prove that the damage was not preexisting to your car washing/detailing service?


CAR WASH DISCLAIMER (Posted at the entrance to the car wash tunnel)

While our car wash is very safe, we ask that you take responsibility for the following:



If you have damage to your vehicle, and are alleging that it was caused by FSCW, please return to the site you visited as soon as possible with the damaged vehicle. Speak to the manager on duty, and explain what happened, and how it happened. The manager will inspect your vehicle with you. If we cannot agree that the damage was not caused at the fault of FSCW, the manager will take pictures of the damage, and issue you a damage claim. This claim will have the manager’s contact information, your contact information, a description of the damage, your allegations of where, when, and how the damage happened (filled out by you), and finally a “next steps” section that will include when the manager will follow up with you after we conduct a further investigation of the allegations.




Theft is something that we at FSCW take extremely seriously. We completely understand the faith that you have in our company when you visit one of our facilities for a vehicle cleaning service, and we will do everything in our power to preserve it, especially when it comes to your valuables. All of our facilities have closed circuit surveillance systems that record the activity of our employees. We also have a whistleblower hotline that pays a $100 reward to any member of our staff that reports unethical, illegal, or policy infringing actions; including theft. Our employees are regularly and randomly drug tested, and understand our zero-tolerance policy toward theft. As stated, FSCW has a zero-tolerance policy on theft. No matter how small, we will investigate any and all allegations. Should we find any of our staff guilty of theft (even of one penny), that employee is immediately terminated, we will call the police to have them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. While FSCW does not have any major or consistent issues with theft, we always recommend that you remove your valuables from your vehicle prior to your cleaning service.



If you have a theft allegation against FSCW, please return to the car wash facility as soon as you realize something has gone missing and speak with the manager. The more time that elapses between your allegation and speaking to us, the less chance we have to proving or disproving the allegation. Often, we can check your vehicle with you when you come back, and we can find the missing item. If we cannot find the item, we will conduct an internal investigation concerning your allegation. Should we find evidence of theft, the police will be contacted, any employees associated will be terminated, and FSCW will replace your item(s).

I had my car detailed inside and out and they did a beautiful job. I think some of the negative reviews on detailing must be about expectations. An express detail does not mean you receive a full detail. If you pay for a full detail, you get a full detail. The staff was also extremely courteous. No complaints here.

- Paul

Every time I bring my Audi here I have no issues whatsoever. They are very thorough and even wipe down every spoke of my wheels. The Works Wash is a great value and the Rain-X total vehicle shield protects the entire car, not just the windshield. It makes the water (and dirt) slide right off of my car. My favorite air freshener is the Arctic Ice and I recommend it. The free 5 day rewash is an added bonus.

- Raja

I don't have anything negative to say since this place has always delivered and this is the best car wash in the area.

- Gleb

Took my girlfriend's car here to have they interior and exterior clean before she sold her car, they did an awesome job. Made her car look like new. Very pleasant employees. Highly recommended.

- Myles

Managers are on top of it, so are the other workers. Great pre wash to get the bugs, and a nice dry at the end. Buy a wash package for a good deal, it's just a couple bucks more per wash than the touch-less drive thru that just gets your car wet :)

- David

My KIA Sportage is 9 years old, after an interior detailing it looks brand new! FSCW always does an awesome job!

- Patricia

Staff was very friendly and helpful. The wash itself was exactly what I expected and they were a lot quicker than I expected as well which made for an added bonus! I was in a hurry and they were able to get me in and out without sacrificing quality or missing any spots on both the initial cleaning, and the fee 5-day rewash!

- Eugene

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