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Dec 31, 2022
Teri Hesselbein
Full Service Car Wash
Got exterior only service and car looks great! Vacuums were very powerful (although one vacuum wasn't working properly) and compressed air helped me get dirt from the small spaces. Price was $16.99 + tax. Friendly service attendant Alvaro
Dec 16, 2022
Randall Trumbull-Holper
Full Service Car Wash
They went above and beyond for me and have many times before. My mats were dirty so I asked if they could wash them without the package and they did. Since it was slow they vacuumed out the car for me even though I didn’t pay for it. If you’re looking for somewhere that will take care of your car, look no further. Love this place!
Nov 10, 2022
Chuck Seegert
Full Service Car Wash
Just stopped in. Wash and vac was quick and good. I paid for a tier 2 that included my rear hatch window and luggage area. The job was done very well. One small problem that I pointed out was handled super quick and pleasant. Will be using again for sure.
Nov 3, 2022
Melanie Barker
Full Service Car Wash
I cannot say enough about how awesome this place is. My F-150 was super dirty after being up north in the mud. After seeing that one wash didn’t get it clean, they offered to let me run it through a second time and spent extra time before scrubbing and spraying the exterior for me. And, the didn’t charge me a penny extra. The two managers and their new employee, Tiffany went above and beyond!
Oct 21, 2022
Kyle Krueger
Full Service Car Wash
This place is awesome and crew was super friendly! Purchased a car wash membership based on service! Nice job! Especially the crew working Friday 10/21 at 6pm. The young man who did the wipe down of my truck did a great job!!!
Oct 12, 2022
Nathan Yeo
Full Service Car Wash
This is for detailing detailing only I wasn't happy but yes they did go over every inch inside and out with a microfiber cloths and power scrubber. Drop off and leave your car for a couple of hours
Sep 13, 2022
Full Service Car Wash
You can't go wrong for $10 a month unlimited car washes and free vacuums but make sure to bring dry towels with you because you're definitely going to need to dry off your car after leaving, and you will definitely still have dirty car rims and a few other spots, I understand it's not a perfect system with an automated car wash but just a heads up for anyone that goes here just be prepared, because they just recently started to not have their employees dry off a car with an exterior wash only for some reason. So just remember that you're going to have to dry it off on your own depending on how picky you are.
Sep 3, 2022
Selepri Amachree
Full Service Car Wash
They really do great work! The front of the car was covered in bugs and they took the time to get that clean! They have a checklist✅ to follow and I've never, personally had a problem with their work. FSCW always comes through for me!!
Aug 7, 2022
Matt Sathre
Full Service Car Wash
Took my car there to get washed after a 600 mile road trip and it was plastered with bugs. The crew did a fantastic job prepping the car and it came out flawless and Super Shiny!! Best car wash in the area by far!!! Thank you FSCW!!
Jul 31, 2022
Monica Yang
Full Service Car Wash
I love this place. I come at least once a week for a car wash and every 3 weeks for detailing! Not once have I had a bad experience. Everyone greets me with such kindness. The work they do is Amazing for the price. The membership is a plus which gives you 50% off detailing services! Today I came in (wash just here a week ago for detailing) but as a dog owner my pup had an accident in the car. The workers new exactly what to do and what was needed! I would never go anywhere else! I always get my car back looking brand new like I just bought the car from the dealership! Thank you guys for all your hard work and exceptional attention to details!!!
Oct 13, 2021
Cari Badger
Full Service Car Wash
Absolutely superb job. Granite it was a gloomy day they were able to get me in right away for a full service and they didn’t miss a beat. The service was respectable and kind-hearted throughout it all. I waited an hour for full detail with polish and enjoyed their complimentary popcorn. I would definitely come here again; recommend booking appointment first though if you want a full detail—I now have the app to do so for next time! Thank you!
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