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Nov 28, 2021
Full Service Car Wash
Amazing job! Focused and quick! Four people working on my car and it looks great both inside and out🥰
Nov 25, 2021
Jennifer Hotz
Full Service Car Wash
I went there Wednesday night with my mother's Honda Accord. We've used this venue before and it was amazing. The same quality or better Wednesday night. It was actually fun to converse with the guys working there. I usually NEVER have cash on me, but luckily I had 10 dollars to tip these great ppl. My only issue with this business is that you cannot tip on your credit card. Please change this. We will be back very soon.
Nov 20, 2021
L Anderson
Full Service Car Wash
Friendly staff, thorough service, and overall a great experience every time! Hales Corners location is the best crew! Thanks to all who do the hard work!
Nov 18, 2021
Mikhail Schaefer
Full Service Car Wash
They did an outstanding job! Couldn’t be more satisfied. Definitely recommending to all my family and friends to come here !
Nov 16, 2021
Dr. John David Paul Howard
Full Service Car Wash
The customer service was very polite and extremely detailed in wiping down the vehicle at the end. I herd "please & Thank you" which are huge customer service vocabulary words :-)
Nov 8, 2021
Danielle Howard
Full Service Car Wash
I am giving it a 5 from previous experiences. Now I think manager has transferred. But I'm big on customer service and the older white gentleman that's been there for over 20 years has always been super hospitable and welcoming... he worked with me to get best deal and made me feel like I was getting 5 star service. They rewashed Truck after I felt there was a spot missed and did it without attitude. The young brothers there were cool. Felt like family when I came thru. ♥
Oct 13, 2021
Cari Badger
Full Service Car Wash
Absolutely superb job. Granite it was a gloomy day they were able to get me in right away for a full service and they didn’t miss a beat. The service was respectable and kind-hearted throughout it all. I waited an hour for full detail with polish and enjoyed their complimentary popcorn. I would definitely come here again; recommend booking appointment first though if you want a full detail—I now have the app to do so for next time! Thank you!
Oct 10, 2021
Judith Yerdon
Full Service Car Wash
Service was excellent from start to finish. Entire staff was friendly, professional and courteous. The service advisor was helpful explaining the available washes. The interior cleaning was excellent. Very pleased with the results. I will definitely return and also recommend Full Service Car Wash to others.
Oct 10, 2021
Full Service Car Wash
The team really does a nice job from Tanya checking you in to the dry crew on the exit. The addition of the vacuums are a nice touch plus they have the blow off nozzles. The monthly pass is the way to go.
Oct 2, 2021
James Bartsch
Full Service Car Wash
Have a Club membership for one vehicle; very happy with service, summertime bug removal and winter time salt removal. Today's wash was Halloween themed with Orange colored soap!
Sep 29, 2021
Sharon Stier
Full Service Car Wash
Best car wash in town. Staff is awesome! Car's always squeaky clean when done
Sep 28, 2021
Amy Westphal
Full Service Car Wash
I love a good car wash and FSCW did not disappoint. My mom has a membership so took me though with her car when I was visiting. The crew working were all very nice and thorough - they hand dry your car at the end. Also, enjoyed the decorations for Halloween, how fun.
Sep 11, 2021
Dan Wick
Full Service Car Wash
Friendly, quick, great value. I got the “better” wash Update 9/11/2021: car is just as shiny as new — towel dryer guys did not leave a single drop of water on the exterior. Great service as usual
Aug 30, 2021
John Quinlan
Full Service Car Wash
Very good and friendly service. They were very careful when wiping down my car. Did not have cash for a tip so I hope they honor the free lunch deal. Will definitely come back again.
Aug 25, 2021
ButterCream Valdez
Full Service Car Wash
Good folks! Job well done! I didn’t have cash to leave a tip so I’m leaving this five star review because it says that the entire crew gets lunch so please make good on that lunch for this crew
Aug 16, 2021
Bill Cleveland
Full Service Car Wash
Generally a good job with the car wash at Full Service Car Wash - Wauwatosa. Not uncommon, the drying can take some time. Paying outside when you drop your car off is done in an interesting way. Overall, the system works pretty well. Often fresh cookies inside.
May 20, 2021
Full Service Car Wash
New Edit: The customer service rep. Tanya was a busy gal so I can understand her frustration at how busy it was. She treated me great and apologized up and down for my mini detailing taking so long. I would have liked to have known that there were 3 cars in front of me being detailed I might have come back later. All in all a good job. The car really needed an interior cleaning, they did a great job. I still had salt stains on my WeatherTech inserts that's how bad it needed it. The sign inside says that if I leave a five-star review the entire crew gets a lunch so I'm upping my stars to five. Even though there were glitches I'll give them the five stars. Next time I'm in I'm going to ask them if they got their lunch too. So let them know by my name that they got a lunch. OLD They do a good job on the outside and carpets. They fail at windows. Twice now I have had to return because it looked like they used a dirty old towle to wash the inside of my windows. They are very eager to fix the problem but the problem shouldn't exist from the start. Keep trying, you do a good job on everything else.
May 17, 2021
Debbie Karlin
Full Service Car Wash
Ceramic wash. Great price and very clean care. I am impressed that they hand dried it too.
Apr 26, 2021
Jonathan Piel
Full Service Car Wash
Update below: Stable business in our community. Engaged ownership. Consistently good service for the 10+ years I’ve been going there. Appreciate the availability of a full service including vacuuming, interior windows, and mats. Friendly service. Update 4/26/21: Continued excellent service. I’ve moved to their subscription service, and occasionally add on their interior service. Great value - outstanding results.
Mar 7, 2021
Annemarie Quiles
Full Service Car Wash
Guys working here are fantastic. Thorough and professional. I actually have a white car again that I can see out of the windows! ♥️
Dec 19, 2020
Ruben C
Full Service Car Wash
Went through the car wash on 12/18/20. The wash did a good job on my truck, an F150, but more importantly the service attendants drying my vehicle did an excellent job. I'd recommend this establishment.
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